About Tom Wateracre

Tom Wateracre is a comedian, actor, writer and songwriter, based in London, England.

He was born at the tail-end of the Seventies, in Surbiton, Surrey, an area emerging from the horrible shadow of The Good Life. A childhood of introspection and isolation produced a man of oblique talent – with a fascination for the smaller peccadillos of interpersonal behaviour. And also of battles between alien spacecraft.

He got into acting in his teenage years, which were regularly described by onlookers as “difficult”. Whilst attending the University of Exeter, he ran a fortnightly comedy sketch show with the other founder members of what was to become Pegabovine.

Pegabovine’s first post-university show The Freudian Slip won two awards at the National Student Drama Festival in 2003, including the Festgoer’s Prize for most popular play.

Wateracre took part in Pegabovine’s two Edinburgh Fringe shows – “The Slush Pile” (2006) and “Coat Of Arms” (2007) – before taking the reins for 2008’s “Polite Club”, a one-man show of songs and sketches.

With Pegabovine, he has also appeared on Radio 4’s 28 Acts In 28 Minutes, and on the BBC’s Edinburgh YouTube channel. Pegabovine’s podcast House Of Mirth is produced by Tom from the comfort of his home-studio-slash-bedroom.

He has deputised for both the Penny Dreadfuls (Brighton Comedy Festival, White Mischief, Edinburgh Bongo Club) and Potted Potter (Big Brother’s Little Brother – C4).

His writing has appeared on BBC7’s “Tilt”, and he was long-listed for the BBC’s “Witty & Twisted” competition. He is currently completing his first original screenplay.

He has worn glasses since the age of two, and was almost killed at age 27 by a pie.

He wears the soles of shoes down to a smooth finish in about three months.

He shops for food like his six-year old self would (lots of jelly babies and ice cream).

He welcomes you to his website.

Tom can also be found on Spotlight, Casting Call Pro, IMDB, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Noostar, MusicalComedy…

Voice, Voice Overs and Voice Acting

I am an actor, comedian, singer and voice actor. I have appeared on BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4, as well as on self-produced podcasts for this website and for Pegabovine. I have also recorded voicework for ILEX (Institute of Legal Executives), the National Student Drama Festival, Kulture Vulture Films, and did two years of music-based shows on Xpression FM.

Here are some samples of my voicework. Either download or listen using the available players. I am available for voiceovers and voice work by emailing me at the contact address on your right.

Voice Reel (1:42) – Download


Longer sample of “Leaving Microsoft To Change The World” by John Wood (1:04) – Download


Longer sample of “Henry V” (2:50) – Download


See also my profile at Voices.com.

What People Say About Tom

“Charm personified… If Wateracre was wearing a cap, you could be sure he’d doff it to passing ladies.” – Chris McCall, Fest Magazine, “Polite Club” review

“Top-quality musical material… the confidence of a natural performer.” – Ashley Davies, The Scotsman, “Polite Club” review

“Hugely likeable” – Alexandra Hilliard, Three Weeks, “Polite Club” review

“Wateracre gave a subtle and mature comic performance as the eccentric and repressed Kenneth which ought to have the RSC battering at his door, if that’s what he would like.” – Julia Chamberlain, Chortle, “The Slush Pile” review

“Every scene is stolen by the third sibling, Quentin (Wateracre)… Wateracre seems to carry the spirit of Graham Chapman, undermining the authority figure he cuts with a self-destructive, devil-may-care mischief.” – Steve Bennett, Chortle, “Coat Of Arms” review