What People Say About Tom

“Charm personified… If Wateracre was wearing a cap, you could be sure he’d doff it to passing ladies.” – Chris McCall, Fest Magazine, “Polite Club” review

“Top-quality musical material… the confidence of a natural performer.” – Ashley Davies, The Scotsman, “Polite Club” review

“Hugely likeable” – Alexandra Hilliard, Three Weeks, “Polite Club” review

“Wateracre gave a subtle and mature comic performance as the eccentric and repressed Kenneth which ought to have the RSC battering at his door, if that’s what he would like.” – Julia Chamberlain, Chortle, “The Slush Pile” review

“Every scene is stolen by the third sibling, Quentin (Wateracre)… Wateracre seems to carry the spirit of Graham Chapman, undermining the authority figure he cuts with a self-destructive, devil-may-care mischief.” – Steve Bennett, Chortle, “Coat Of Arms” review


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