Wateracre on the Oxfam Unwrapped DVD

Hello all –

Anyone who received a gift worth more than £50 from Oxfam Unwrapped over Christmas received a comedy DVD called “The Art Of Giving“.

It featured Johnny Vegas, Justin Lee Collins, Richard Ayoade, Jenny Eclair, Meera Syal, and me.

I wrote a song specifically for it whilst in Edinburgh, and was filmed singing it whilst sitting in a tree, and then whilst wandering around a soggy Pleasance Courtyard with a very patient and forgiving umbrella-bearer in pursuit!

A photo of me also appeared on the back cover, nestling in between Milton Jones and Natasha Kaplinsky, a very nice place to nestle, for sure…

I’ll post a re-recorded version of the song, “Give Give Give” on YouTube at some point, but if you received an expensive, ethical present for Christmas, do seek out my little song! It’s at the end, over the credits.

Do buy presents from Oxfam Unwrapped! They’re marvellous! My parents were given bees for Christmas. BEES!

Thanks to director Marcus Shepherd for asking me to take part!

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