Girl & Dean and Wateracre and Riches!

Very exciting shenanigans on Sunday 1st March (St David’s Day) and Monday 2nd March (start of Week 10 of 2009), in that Girl and Dean and Chums is happening at the Hen & Chickens Theatre in Highbury Corner.

This is a very very early Edinburgh Preview, with Girl and Dean doing sketches, Tom Wateracre doing songs, special guest star Adam Riches doing some wondrous comedy, and the team bringing the delights of afternoon tea to the bedraggled masses of Islington!

It’s an embarrassment of riches! (Although not an embarrassment of Riches. He shall emerge from this event unscathed.*)

More info on Facebook here, on the Hen & Chickens website here, and let us never forget that Girl & Dean’s website is here.

Reserve tickets by calling 020 7704 2001, or book them online here!

Wow! Super-exciting! Come along!

* Unlike some other events I could mention…

Upstart Theatre Fundraiser – 21st March

Hello there. I’m taking part in the Upstart Theatre fundraiser at Arch 635 in Clapham on 21st March. Do come along!

Here’s Tom from Upstart on what’s going down…

Taking place at the magnificent Arch 635 just by Clapham North, we’ll be bringing together some of London’s finest musicians, comedians, DJs, playwrights and actors to raise funds for our compelling new season of theatre exploring the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Doors open at 8pm; admission will be £5 on the door.

Check the Upstart website for details of acts in the coming weeks!


On 22nd July 2005, Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead by armed police as he sat on an Underground train at Stockwell station. Police claimed his clothing and behaviour marked him as a suspected suicide bomber; the inquest into his death found in December 2008 that he was an entirely innocent man.

This summer, Upstart will be producing a season of theatre work exploring the killing and its aftermath. This will include THE KRATOS EFFECT, a verbatim play by Sarah Beck based on interviews with campaigners, police officers, whistleblowers and many more; and OH WELL NEVER MIND BYE by Steven Lally, a compelling and darkly comic exploration of the media’s response to the shooting.

More details on both plays are available at

Gigs! Cancellations! Looping! Lennox!

Hello everyone –

Goodness, I’ve been having fun lately, what with lovely Totally Looped shows in Epsom (snowy!), Bracknell (cute!), and High Wycombe (huge!). Favourite things so far:-

– The people of Epsom coming out despite Epsom being at the epicentre of Snowy Monday. We got there, no shit, by limousine, after British Rail decided there was a lot of wrong type of snow about.

– The people of Bracknell answering my question “Where would I take someone on a date?” with the answer “A Star Trek Convention!” Upon interrogation, it emerged that it was a Deep Space Nine convention, so I delighted in regaling the audience with some horrible name-dropping of Benjamin Sisko and Jadzia Dax.

– The people of High Wycombe deciding that I should be played, in the story of my life, by either David Tennant (very happy with this) or Joe 90 (less happy with this).

Sadly, I don’t think I’m Looping on Sunday in Peterborough any more, due to a scheduling conflict, which leaves only one left in glittering NEWCASTLE! Where Venom come from!

I also had a big bunch of fun last night at the delightful Hourglass Cabaret. Hooray for Hourglass!

And finally, seriously, what the shit is this all about?

Competition Entry

From the HSBC website:-


Because you took all my money in bank fees, and all my girlfriend is currently getting for Valentine’s Day this year is a card made from dried pasta glued to sugar paper.

I look forward to your cheque.

Hey! It’s the late addition to the Adam & Pippa Show!

Hi there –

I’m doing a last minute set at It’s The Adam & Pippa Show tonight at Lowdown at the Albany.

Acts include Adam Riches (awesome!), Pippa Evans (super-awesome!), Jess Ransom (woah! awesome!), Ben Wilson (awesomer!), Cariad Lloyd (awesomation!), and perhaps some other people, who are guaranteed to also be awesome.

Doors open at 8pm!

Commence Looping!

Hey everyone –

And so Totally Looped has started, following last night’s snowy and eventful show! Thanks to everyone who came out into the frosty Epsom evening.

Just to let those keen Essex bods know, I now won’t be appearing in Southend. Sorry about that. Phill Jupitus is appearing instead. I trust this will be devastating to the people of that fine county.

There’s a nice big article on Totally Looped in today’s Independent. Click here to read it!

My next date is in Bracknell next week. Until then, I’m trying to stay warm. There should also be some new videos on YouTube before the end of the week.