Welcome to the first day of Tommapalooza – “A Kind Of Paltry Latitude Substitute” (TM).

It’s a carefully-curated festival of music, in which I encourage you to enter into the spirit of things and make this the best music festival you’ve ever held in your own house.

How to take part:
1) Download Spotify.
2) Access the Tommapalooza – Friday playlist.
3) Turn up loud.

Each band has a set of five songs, with the headliner allowed an encore of two songs.

Today’s line-up starts with retro, filthy-minded, sassy rockers THE DETROIT COBRAS. Fronted by an ex-stripper, their sound is sexy, funky and fun.

Second on the Tommapalooza stage, THE NOISETTES. Although now famous for supplying soundtracks for car and yoghurt adverts, their first album is a tricksy bag of eccentric character and hard rocking, and their second aims both for the dancefloor and the heart-strings. Let’s hope for a tight set by this glorious young British band.

Next up, the mighty SPOON. With Spotify not stocking their amazing “Kill The Moonlight” album, expect a set drawn heavily from their last album “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga”, as these intelligent Austinites explore the meeting points between Americana, Clash-style infatuation with global sounds, and indie-kid-baiting grooves.

Warming you up for the headliner, MODEST MOUSE. Isaac Brock’s ever-changing line-up of indie greatness recently welcomed the addition of Johnny Marr to offer gnarly little guitar lines to counterpoint Brock’s astonishing voice. A band with a lot of character, a lot of rock, and a lot of soul.

And finally, headlining because I worry they are too cool to ever do so in the real world, CLEARLAKE. Brighton’s finest, Clearlake have been under the radar for far too long, and while we wait for their next album (which their website still claims will be out in April 2009), here’s a lively set from a band with ideas and emotions to spare.

Post any comments below, and see you tomorrow for Tommapalooza’s exciting second day!

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