I’m totally chuffed to be part of the newest movement in comedy. The movement of the Toms.

(NB. Woah. That Spotlight name change happened just in time.)

I’m performing at TOM:FOOLERY next Wednesday 21st October. It’s a comedy night for only Toms, Thoms, Thomases and Tomasinas.

Currently down to perform are Toms Allen, Meeten, Parry, Rosenthal, Webb and myself (Wateracre). Also includes a tom:bola and tom:trumps. Exci-Tom-ent! (weak)

It’s 19.15 at Escape, 10a Brewer Street, Soho, London. It’s £7 to get in, £5 if concession, £1 if you are called Tom. Come along!

And look! It was mentioned in the flippin’ INDEPENDENT!

Or go to:
Facebook event
Facebook group

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