Greenbelt – Blue Nun DJ set

Also at Greenbelt this year, I did my first live DJ set in a very, very long time. I enjoyed it a bit too much. Here’s the tracklist:

Adam Green – Tropical Island
Annette – Pineapple Princess
Caetano Veloso – Superbacana
Brigitte Bardot – Ca pourrait changer
Dean Martin – Tonda Wonda Hoy
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Vanessa from Queens
Eric Matthews – Fanfare
Number One Cup – Divebomb
The Clash – Wrong Em Boyo
Spoon – Finer Feelings
Otis Redding – I’m A Changed Man
Parliament – Testify
Sandy Gaye – Watch The Dog That Bring The Bone
Jean Jacques Perrey – Gossipo Perpetuo
Mark Mothersbaugh – Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op
Mohammed Rafi – Jaan Pechechaan Ho
Yegelle Tezeta – My Own Memory
Georgia Gibbs – Kiss Of Fire (1966 version)
Bonzo Dog Band – Trouser Press
Luther Vandross – Never Too Much
Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey – Easy Lover
I’ve put as many of these as I could find in a Spotify playlist. Spotify appears to be really bad on mid-90s American indie (Eric Matthews, Number One Cup) – who knew?


As I may have mentioned before, the burdens of real world finance have caused me to get a day-job, albeit a really cool one. I work for Greenbelt, an annual music and arts festival, writing their blog, managing volunteer teams, updating their website and generally being a nuisance.

An upshot of this is that I get to make fun things like the following…
My girlfriend used to work for Greenbelt and so, as a joke, some friends of hers bought her the Sylvanian Families marquee for Christmas. She took a few photos, called it Bunnybelt, and then we started thinking… we should do this properly.
So here are five films about Bunnybelt, all of which parody the extraordinary combination of faith, arts and justice that Greenbelt actually gives the world… We’re horribly ungrateful like that…