Tom’s Highly Unscientific Top Ten of 2010!

As you may remember from either last year, or the year before that, I’m building a masterpiece in my iPod, currently 26,611 items occupying 131.35 GB.

Each year, I make an unsatisfying auto-playlist of the songs that are dated 2010 in my iTunes, and rank them in order of most listened to. Here’s this year’s list.
1) Ready To Start – Arcade Fire
2)= Drunk Girls – LCD Soundsystem
2)= Tightrope – Janelle Monae
2)= Cousins – Vampire Weekend
5) The Suburbs – Arcade Fire
6)= Zebra – Beach House
6)= I’m Not Living In The Real World – Belle & Sebastian
6)= Trouble Come Running – Spoon
9)= Shutterbugg – Big Boi
9)= Anyone’s Ghost – The National
I think there have been many many strong albums this year, a million times better than 2009’s lacklustre crop. As well as the nine albums represented above, there were strong showings just outside the Top 10 for the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack (“Threshold” by Sex Bob-omb), Sufjan Stevens (his “All Delighted People” ep in particular), and the Hold Steady’s “Heaven Is Whenever”. Good job, 2010! Keep it up, 2011.
And here’s my all-time Top 10 on iTunes, with previous year’s placing following it.
1) Finer Feelings – Spoon (non-mover)
2) Actor Out Of Work – St Vincent (new entry)
3)= Friends – Led Zeppelin (last year’s number 9)
3)= You’ve Done It Again, Virginia – The National (last year’s number 3)
3)= The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret – Queens of the Stone Age (non-mover)
6)= Romantic Rights – Death From Above 1979 (new entry)
6)= Blood On Our Hands – Death From Above 1979 (last year’s number 2)
6)= I Want This Cyclops – Destroyer (last year’s number 8)
6)= Florida – Modest Mouse (last year’s number 4)
6)= You Got Yr Cherry Bomb – Spoon (new entry)
6)= Don’t You Evah – Spoon (new entry)
6)= Company In My Back – Wilco (new entry)
6)= Good – Ghostface Killah (new entry)
See you next year, pop pickers! (Fingers crossed that the R.E.M. album will be any good!)