November Break

[I’m now keeping Keeping Track posts here.]


After only light further editing, I submitted The Secret Society to 4Screenwriting, and we’ll see what happens with that.

I had two other ideas for films over the weekend, so they get noted down in a notebook and mulled over for a while. I might try to move onto the next screenplay quite quickly, and that will be one of two – the action script I’ve been planning out with Coffee Break Screenwriter and a thing I started a while back, which I have 15 pages of skeletal structure planned out.

The exciting, fun bit of screenplay writing – for me – is first pass at dialogue scenes, where things can surprise and delight you. The planning stage is more ponderous and feels like procrastination – but actual hard work at this point can save you later down the line when the thing falls apart. The bit at the end, rewriting stuff and trying to make your first-pass nonsense make sense, that’s not much fun either.

So you have three parts – No Fun, Fun, No Fun.

And the problem with finishing a script – No Fun – is that the next bit is planning – No Fun.

That’s two No Funs in a row. So unfair.


We had another meeting last night about our team-written radio sitcom, so that’s now broken into 16 scenes, and we each have six to write. After attempting to write an A plot, B plot, C plot each between the three writers, we’re this time trying out writing six sequential scenes. I have the final six to write, so will be wreaking havoc.

Also thinking again about a radio sitcom I started writing a while back. It’s a bit conceptual – there’s a topical element that makes it a bit tricky to write a pilot – but that might be fun too.

So maybe the sitcoms can be the Fun in a No Fun sandwich.


After much recommendation by Kat Sommers, and then my wife Sarah telling me all the good bits, I read On Writing by Stephen King in about four days. Thrilling, cheeky and totally inspirational, I can only add my recommendation to everyone else.

It made me consider getting up early each day to do writing. That’s how good it is. I haven’t quite made the leap yet, but I am thinking I could take some time at the beginning of the day to write before work. That’s clearly the best bit of the day, the writing.

And the Stephen King book, combined with my friends doing NaNoWriMo have made me think about writing a novel. (I know, I know… I hate myself too.) I think at the moment, I don’t read enough novels. I watch films all the time, so am subconsciously sucking up structure and style, but not novels. Never really got the knack. But maybe at some point. Who knows.

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