Tom’s Continuingly Inaccurate Top 10 of 2012

(Previous years: 20112010, 2009, 2008)

Persisting with an annual charade that stands up to no scrutiny, here are the ten most played songs from my iTunes that were released in 2012.
=1) Rams Pocket Radio – 1&2
=1) Smoke Fairies – Let Me Know
=3) Django Django – Default
=3) Fiona Apple – Anything We Want
=5) Ben Folds Five – Michael Praytor, Five Years Later
=5) Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids
=7) Ben Folds Five – Draw A Crowd
=7) Fiona Apple – Valentine
=7) Grouplove – Party Hard
=7) Standard Fare – Suitcase
Splendid albums from Frank Ocean, Fiona Apple and Ben Folds Five. Good ones too from Muse, Graham Coxon and Django Django. Could do with a couple more big hitters in 2013 – big hopes for the Foals album in February.
In memoriam, it was very sad to lose MCA. What a guy.
I’ve done a bit of an iTunes prune (iPrune?) this year, after my 160gb iPod filled up, so we’re now down to 27,488 songs over 136gb. (Sorry again, Cooper Temple Clause.)
Here’s the overall top ten, with last year’s position in brackets:
1) Queens of the Stone Age – The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret (3)
2) Spoon – Finer Feelings (1)
3) St Vincent – Actor Out Of Work (1)
4) Arcade Fire – Ready To Start (new entry)
=5) Bracket – Trailer Park (4)
=5) Queens of the Stone Age – Go With The Flow (new entry)
=7) LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (4)
=7) Wilco – Company In My Back (6)
=9) Clearlake – Widescreen (new entry)
=9) Foals – Cassius (new entry)
=9) The National – You’ve Done It Again, Virginia (6)
=9) Spoon – Don’t You Evah (new entry)
The first year at number one for QOTSA. Quite happy with the list overall.
That’s your lot. See you next year for even less science.

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