Catching up on 2013

I’ve been doing National Novel Writing Month, and as such have been collecting together some thoughts (naively) on how it’s done. (Particularly naively as today has been appalling for wordcount. Anyway…)

But I thought that might be tricky without running through what I’ve already been up to this year, as the last time I posted about that was in February, and I’ve ended up writing a lot of other things.


I had been writing the action screenplay at the start of the year, but was prodded by the wise and fashionable Richard Hurst to have a solo-written sitcom in my drawer. So I wrote one.

Peace Love Death Metal is a sitcom about a Viking Metal band. It needs another draft, with more jokes added in, but what sitcom doesn’t?


I’d been toying around with an adaptation of The Beaux Stratagem by George Farquhar for ages, and this summer I finished it. It’s now – sacrilegiously – called Gentlemen Gone Wild. It needs a bit of a final brush-up, and then it should be ready.

It’s been quite an interesting process – it felt less like writing and more like Sudoku, going through the text, rewriting it, and reassembling the scenes in a way that made sense. A fun dramaturgical exercise, for sure, and hopefully there will be some jokes in it at the end.


The novel I’ve been writing for Nanowrimo is called Orphans. I’m not really saying much else about it at this stage, other than it’s about orphans. It won’t be finished by the end of November. The plan will be to do more writing and rewrites once November is over and then we’ll see how it turns out.

Old Things

I’ve also had a couple of reminders this month that unmade scripts never really die – they can suddenly lurch back into life from nowhere. The two projects are ones of which I have very fond memories, so it would be delightful to work on either of them. We shall see.

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