Panto next week!

The Surbiton pantomime that I’ve written the songs for is next week. All songs are now up on YouTube, handily in order in this Playlist… (click left and right arrows to scroll through the videos)

The production is sold out, I believe, but I’ll try to get some footage of the cast singing the songs this weekend!

(There’s also a couple of new songs on the YouTube channel. Do subscribe and rate!)

Happy New Year!

Merry 2009 to one and all! I am hoping this year brings nothing but the repulsion of all mice from my flat. They are pesky. Quite happy for them to live, but somewhere else, please.

I’m currently sprucing up my YouTube channel with some actual, like, videos. Might take a while as I’m not good at editing video – especially not on this very old computer – but there’ll be some stuff to see there soon.

As a taster, here’s a performance of “Getting It On” at “The Wateracre Gambit” at the Etcetera Theatre. It was my first warm-up date of material for “Polite Club”, so a little scratchy around the edges, but perfectly serviceable.

Information about TOTALLY LOOPED coming soon!

Act/React: The King Of Spain

I made a new half-hour show for the lovely people at Upstart Theatre on the 10th November, and they were kind enough to put some video highlights up on YouTube. Here they are, for your delectation!